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Our loved Vanced app has opposed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) because of which Google has to take down the app once it receives notice regarding the same. You will not be able to use the Vanced App anymore, anyway, it is still available for some Android versions. The developers have come up with one of the Innovative inventions of the ReVanced Manager Apk which works the same as the Vanced Manager.

It maintains the legacy of Vanced Manager for its users. You will be able to edit and customize apps as per your interest.
Presently, ReVanced Manager Apk is being used by many users and was developed by an enthusiastic team that not only blocks ads, and adds more features to YouTube but also patches with YT MUSIC, REDDIT, TikTok, SPOTIFY, AND TWITTER.


ReVanced Manager is a remarkable patcher that helps in patching various apps on your device. Apps that can be altered include YT MUSIC, REDDIT, SPOTIFY, TIKTOK, and many more. All these apps have one thing in common- all these apps are subscription-based. Users have to purchase subscriptions for premium features, especially on YOUTUBE AND YOUTUBE MUSIC which offers you ads-free content and several other advanced features.

On the other hand, other apps such as Reddit, TikTok and Spotify have limited features to experience and users have to wait until their mods come to experience the new and advanced features of the apps. Patching the app yourself without the use of mods is a troublesome process. The ReVanced Manager was fabricated to take these subjects into account.

Interestingly, this contains in-built tools mad advanced software to fix your broken apps and fix bugs of the apps. The users of ReVanced Manager will be notified of the latest updates from the developers. Updating apps will not be a problem for the users as upgrading the apps will require just a couple of clicks. Plus, there are options for import, export, and reset patches. This app is totally free of cost and you will get disturbed by the unwanted advertisements.

What does the ReVanced Manager do?

The ReVanced Manager app works a bit differently from the original Vanced app. It adds several new features to the app.
Additionally, the ReVanced Manager Apk allows you to edit your apps like REDDIT, YOUTUBE MUSIC, SPOTIFY, AND TWITTER make changes according to your interest. This can be used as a Patcher tool as it can patch many apps even if it is the original version of the app. You can easily fix your shattered apps using several tools available in the ReVanced Manager Apk.

Key features of ReVanced Manager Apk

As it has been mentioned earlier in this article you will be offered with various advanced features in this new ReVanced Manager App. You will enjoy and love to use this app using the impressive features
To know more about the exciting features, please read below:

Ad Block

One of the disturbing elements while using any app are its unsettled advertisements. You can download the app for free and enjoy the app lifetime free of cost. You have to make sure that you download the app from our trusted website. There will be no annoying ads on your display while using the app. To avoid any bugs and malware kindly install the ReVanced Manager Apk from our official website.


ReVanced Manager app, being a versatile application provides you the opportunity to patch several apps such as REDDIT, TIKTOK, YOUTUBE MUSIC , TWITTER and so on. Beside managing YouTube ReVanced you can also patch other frequently used apps. So you can use this app as a Patch tool to patch any app on your Android. It is highly recommended to patch original applications from original sources such as Google Play Store. Patching apps from unauthorised or unofficial websites can be harmful for your device. You can patch your own apps with just few clicks and rest will be done by the ReVanced Manager.


Dark mode makes the content pop out of the dark environment and material blurs adds transparency to the backdrop. The dark mode is now becoming popular amongst the users as it protects you from the blue light emitted during the use of device in dim light.Dark mode and material blurs acts as a great combination.It creates the idea that the foreground and backdrop layers are seperated. It makes the interface more appealing. This is getting approved by many developers and is being used in various operating systems and applications nowadays.


Any bug or malware of some features needs to be fixed instantly but fixing of features can take longer time than you thought. You have to report such bug, it will be taken to the developer and you have to wait until the developers addresses the report and it could take ages to fix the bug. ReVanced Manager app instantly resolves your problem and fixes the bug in no time. This feature detects and resolves the issue itself in a couple of hours.


There are certain applications such as TikTok and Twitter, allowing you to download their media. You can use the download media feature of the app to watch the videos offline. You can use this feature on YouTube as well and save the videos on your local files and enjoy whenever you desire and even you can share it with your friends and family. You don’t have to install other downloading tools to download any video. This innovative feature will save your precious time and you can enjoy the videos peacefully wherever you want.


To know what app we are using is identified with the help of its logo branding. As like YouTube and YouTube Music let their users know with the help of its logo and we can know which version of the app is being used. ReVanced Manager gives you the freedom to use logo of your choice on the homepage. It allows you to change the logo branding of the social applications. Moreover, it gives you access to more advanced features of the patches apps for free. In this way ReVanced Manager makes your app look more attractive.


We all have to install mods to modify and patch applications like Twitter and uninstall the original versions of the app. Patching the original versions is updating or modifying the original app to fix certain bugs to improve its performance. This is typically done by downloading a patch from any app developer or from Google Play Store and then installing on your device. The ReVanced Manager app can accelerate this process making it efficient for the users to keep the apps up to date.You have simply start the program make required patches without harming the original app.


ReVanced Manager keeps you updated with the latest versions of YouTube and YouTube Music because using the same old version of the app can be harmful for your device and for your software too. An outdated app is a software program that is not supported by the developer and does not work with the latest version of the operating system. The bugs of the old version are fixed in the latest version, you are advised to download the newest version of the app from our official website. Whenever fresh patches are ready, the users are notified and they can embrace them into the relevant platform.


It is a software tool which fixes bugs and vulnerabilities present in the apps. It helps in patching apps and also provides updates for software programs. Patchers also add new features to an existing software programs. Patcher app helps in automating the process of applying patches and ensuring that the updates are applied correctly and efficiently. The ReVanced Manager app acts as a useful patcher for you which you can use as a developer.


To build a software or any app, there is always a team behind it which works hard to bring that software into work. ReVanced Manager is also an example of such teamwork of contributors, it is not a one- person show there is a team of number of people whose aim is to build an app which spare consumers from downloading several mods on their device to patch any app instead they can do so on a single platform.

  • DARK MODE – Swipe up and experience the dark mode using the app.
  • API URL- You can easily configure your personal URL
  • EXPERIMENTAL PATCHES SUPPORT- You can enable all the applications using universal patches while loading the list of apps that take some time.
  • DELETE KEYSTORE- Delete the key store used to sign the files .
  • DELETE UNUSED FILES – You can delete the temporary or unused files as per your choice.
  • RESET PATCHES – You can reset the stored patches selection.


To lighten your burden that you carry while downloading the ReVanced Manager Apk on your device, we have mentioned a few simple steps below to follow and get the apk in your device without any hassle. You just have to go through the steps given and follow them properly to avoid any trouble.

  • STEP 1 : To download the apk just click on the download button provided in the article.
  • STEP 2: Once you reach the downloading page, select the version which you prefer for your device.(Recommended – select the latest version to enjoy the latest features)
  • STEP 3 : As soon as the second step is completed the downloading process starts, let it complete till 100%.

Installing the Apk is a very convenient process. It can be installed on both rooted and non rooted device. Rooted device requires some additional permissions while installing the app.

For Non Rooted Device

  • Firstly, download the apk from the provided link in the article.
  • Now locate the apk file in your device’s folder.
  • Allow installing the apk from unknown sources. To do so you have to follow some simple steps. Go to Settings>Security>Allow from all sources.
  • Now you can see the Installation button on your screen. Click on it and the installation process starts.
  • Once the installation process is complete. Open the app and witness the exciting features.

For Rooted Device

For Rooted devices, it requires some additional permissions to install the application on the device.
The process closely resembles the non-rooted guide but with some distinguishable difference.

  • As you download the apk on a rooted device it will direct you to a grant root permission window.
  • There you have to grant the permission to allow your rooted device to accept the apk.
  • This process is advantageous as it prevents you from downloading the apk from any third party source.
  • It enhances the user friendly interface and becomes easy to install the application on the device.


This is all the information of ReVanced Manager. We hope you like all the details of the app. ReVanced Manager offers you the opportunity to patch different apps like YouTube, Spotify etc on your own. You can easily customise apps. This application works for a number of apps to save time and money. So why are you waiting? Just tap on the download button provided in the article and patch your favourite application. If you face any issue while downloading the app, you can get in touch with our team through the ‘contact us’ page, our team will surely assist you with the best solution.